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Your webstie is up and you've invested in SEO, SMO, PPC and Backward Links. You are making contact but no sales. Convert these visitor into customers by delivering
Buying Process Receptive Content.

There are five distinct stages in the buying process. It is critically important that your website be receptive to visitors in any one of the five. A search for “home security systems” for example could reflect each stage in the buying process.

Need Stage: Determine whether you are in the want or need business… someone searching for a plumber will typically fall into the need buyer category and therefore will require immediate information. Conversely, someone searching for a local deck builder will most likely be a want buyer and should be afforded the opportunity to research, compare and contrast.

Information Stage: After need is determined the information gathering process begins. This is where your website’s content takes center stage to deliver the Five W's (and one H), and the most commonly asked questions. You must be proactive here! This is your opportunity to gain trust and earn credibility which may separate you from your competitor.

Evaluation Stage: With a good amount of information in hand, many consumers will look to compare and contrast. This is where brand, price, warranty and customer service is judged, and where you should offer a clear rationale for choosing your product or service. This opportunity is often overlooked or presented poorly with static comparison charts. A thirty second video testimonial or product review will surely have impact.

Decision Stage: After settling on a product many consumers will consider the consequences of making a buying decision. The opinion of others and cost of ownership are two factors one may consider. Return or exchange policies and assurances like personal customer service will help to reinforce their decision to make the purchase.

Confirmation Stage: Now that your customer owns and is utilizing the product your job is to confirm that they have made the right choice. Live up to their expectations, maintain contact via email promotions, and create a loyal and repeat customer.

Web Designs That Sell
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